A Job Done Well, Inc.

At A Job Done Well, we come to work every day because we love what we do.

Collaborating with our customers, looking at the before-and-after photos and knowing we have put in an honest day’s work is truly fulfilling. It’s an honour to be given permission to go into someone’s house as a stranger and leave as a friend.

Our Milton roots run deep. In our 35 years of business, we’ve seen dirt roads turn into four-lane avenues in what seems the blink of an eye. And we’ve embraced the change.

Change is good, and we thrive on it. New designs, trends and people, invigorate us and make it pretty easy to go to work in the early morning.

You don’t have to look at dealing with a contractor as stressful. We exist so we can provide the value, craftsmanship and service your project deserves.